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Replacing the competition

Thames Reinforcements Ltd is a factory in Sheerness, Kent, built around the sole purpose of manufacturing steel rebar. The factory’s capacity reaches 1500 tons of CARES-approved cut and bent steel reinforcement each week. Thames started out with a remote control from the competition but they found out the hard way that the harsh climate of steel production is very demanding on the remotes. After realising that the remotes only held up for a month at a time they started looking for a replacement. They decided to give Tele Radio a try and fitted the Tiger system to their cranes. They opted for the Tiger T9-1 transmitter and used two transmitters for each crane due to 24 hour shift work. In total the factory has three overhead cranes each equipped with a Tiger system.
After a year of running 24 hours a day, only two transmitter ever needed to be replaced. The cranes were replaced and moved to their Nottingham plant where the systems continue to run flawlessly. New Demag cranes were installed at the Kent plant that came with Demags’ radio solution. After just a months run time the first remote broke which prompted Tomasz Fraczek, maintenance manager, to reach out to Tele Radio to replace the Demag radios with systems from Tele Radio.

Tomasz Fraczek:

“Tele Radio remotes can handle a lot of mechanical abuse without breaking and the battery time is impressive.”

This time Tele Radio installed a Panther solution with removable and rechargeable batteries to help with uninterrupted service. The transmitters can handle well above 100 hours of service, a number which nobody else comes close to. These systems have now been running for three months without fault.

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